How to Register in Centrelink and Apply Medicare

by fourkangaroos on March 24, 2017

Last February 27, 2017 (Monday), we went to Centrelink in Werribee CBD. We were accompanied by our family friend Ate Gigi.

It was not that difficult registering in Centrelink. Upon entering the premises, you should fall in line. And when it is your turn, tell the officer what you want like registering to Centrelink and applying for Medicare.

You must tell them the things that you want in one talk so that they know what to do with you.

There are several requirements that you should bring when going to Centrelink:

  1. Passport of all family members
  2. Visa grant letter
  3. Proof of your Address

Thus, it is important to finalize your bank account as soon as you settle in Australia. It is the first thing we did when we arrived here.

We went to the nearest NAB bank in our suburb so that we can apply for ATM card and get statement of account for proof of address.

A proof of address is also a requirement for enrolling your kids in public schools and during the application of driver’s license. It is a proof that you are really living in state of Victoria.

During the registration in Centrelink, you will be asked some questions by the officer there about yourself and your family. After that, you will be given you Customer Reference Number (CRN) that you will use when logging in to your Centrelink account.

CRN is important in order to apply for the benefits of the government they are giving to its citizens and permanent residents such as the Family Tax benefits, New Starter allowance and more.

You must also apply right away for your Tax File Number (TFN)upon arrival to Australia. TFN is necessary to get your Family tax benefits. Without it, you can’t complete the online claim in your Centrelink account.

You should apply for your TFN when you are already in Australia because they will check in the immigration if you are truly entered Australia or not. So don’t apply for TFN when you are not still inside Oz.

With regards to Medicare, your number will be given to you including your entire family member in a piece of paper. It is just a temporary one so that you can use Medicare anytime without having the card itself.

Hospitals and clinics only require the Medicare number from you. So make sure you have the copy of your number; it is better to take a picture of it using your mobile phone until your card arrives.

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