Highlights from Our Sydney Trip

by fourkangaroos on October 8, 2016

On September 10, 2016, we have first landed in Australian soil at Sydney International Airport. The travel from Korea to Australia took one day because of an 8-hour layover in Kuala Lumpur via AirAsia airline. The flight was not that difficult but because of long distance, it is really tiring. Thank God for the strength and Your provisions during our travel.

I have booked accommodation in Sydney which is quite far from the Central Train Station that makes it more difficult for us because we need to walk for more than 10 minutes just to get to our apartment. I have not considered the distance when I booked this accommodation, though, the place is nice with complete appliances we need such as the washing machine and dryer. The unit is Waldorf Serviced Apartment located in Chippen Street, Chippendale, NSW.


There’s no much to see near this apartment. Also, no convenience stores nearby so you must buy your water, food and other stuffs at stores near the Central station. We normally buy at Woolworths because it is cheaper than 7-Eleven or other convenience stores.

In our first night in Sydney, we walked around just to feel the city and to look for restaurant we can eat. My wife felt a little bit disappointed of the surroundings because it is not what she imagined. She said it is better in Korea in terms of beauty of the place.

We also noticed that there are few homeless people around the train stations but they are harmless. They only want to get some coins from the people passing by. The Prince Alfred park where we normally walk going to our apartment does not offer any good attractions. It is just like a normal park in the Philippines. When we went there, there’s no flowers blooming around the park. The only thing you can see are lots of grasses and trees, several tennis and basketball courts.

From Central Station, we took the train going to Circular Quay where the Opera House and Harbour Bridge are located. Upon hopping off the train, we quickly saw the two from the train station.

In my opinion, the best places Sydney offers are the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. They are the most popular tourist destinations and they are really beautiful from a distance. When we went there, there are lots of people because nice weather and not that cold during that time. It is really an icon of Australia so no tourist would like to miss seeing Opera House when they go to Sydney. Below you can see some of our photos during our stay at Sydney.








If you want see more of our photos and take a glimpse of how Sydney looks like, you may also visit these photos in Pinterest.

Nearby the Opera House is the Royal Botanical Garden where you can see different types of plants and flowers. From there, you can also see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge from different angle which is also good for taking picture of these landmarks.

There are also many people in the garden where you can do picnics, jogging or simply play with your kids and friends. This garden is big and spacious so you won’t be bored here.

We haven’t tried going to museums because I have not researched beforehand what are the worth visiting. Though, from forums and internet, there are several museums you can visit for free.

Our last day in Sydney, we tried to eat at Ramen restaurant in Liverpool street and went to Darling Harbour after that. The weather during that time is cloudy and seemed to be raining so we have decided to return to our apartment and rest for the next day travel to Melbourne.

Overall, Sydney has many tourist spots that we have not seen because of our short stay. It is also generally safe for tourist but you should also be aware your surroundings every time you travel. However, it is one of best cities I have seen so far. Make sure you visit Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge when you visit Sydney in the future!

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