Highlights from Our Melbourne Tour

by fourkangaroos on October 12, 2016

After spending 4 days in Sydney, we flew from Sydney Domestic Airport to Melbourne via Tiger Air which I think has the cheapest domestic air fare in Australia based from my comparison to other airlines like Jet Star and Virgin. The travel from Sydney to Melbourne was only 1 hour 15 minutes.

I would say Melbourne has better and bigger airport than Sydney. From the airport, we ride the Sky Bus using the ticket I bought online few weeks before we arrived Australia. If you are going to Melbourne and then travelling to the city from the airport, Sky Bus is your best choice of transportation.

The ticket cost only AUD 19 per adult or children. For family of four just like us with 2 adults and 2 kids, the cost is only $38 for one-way trip. The bus is big and has compartment inside for the luggage. Most of the buses are double-deck type of bus with the passengers can seat at the second level.

The travel from airport to the Southern Cross station took almost 45 minutes because ¬†of traffic along the expressway. Aside from that, the travel is smooth and easy except for crying Faith for more than 20 minutes because she’s hungry but it is not allowed eat inside the bus.

Southern Cross Station

Normally, the Sky Bus ends at the Southern Cross station at Melbourne CBD but some buses go to St. Kilda. You may check their website to learn more about the bus schedule and buying of the tickets.

Our accommodation that I have booked through AirBnB was very close to the Southern Cross station. It is only less than 5-minute walk from the station. Good thing also is that it is very near to a station within the Free Tram zone that make our transportation around Melbourne with no cost all.

However, we still buy the myKi card which is the only card that can be used when riding the train, tram or bus. The cost of card is around $5 then top up it with $40.

myKi card

Melbourne has very good transportation system and you have many choices on what to choose. If you are travelling far away from the central business district, train is the best choice because it is the cheapest and there are many time schedules for the train. If you are travelling around or in the CBD, trams are the best option. There are also free trams within the or close to the tourist spots like Fitzroy Garden and Melbourne Museum. Below you can check some of our photos we have taken during our Melbourne trip.







Anyways, you can check some of our photos when you check this Pinterest link. I hope you like it and someday go to Melbourne with good memories.

About the weather in Melbourne, when we went there it is not sunny. Most of the times it is cloudy and rainy during the day. It is still cold during that time, around September, so bring jacket if you are going that time.

During the night, we have a good view if the city from our apartment. We can clearly see the Melbourne Star from the unit. It has the best view of the city. The apartment is in 568 Collins Street.

If you want to buy your stuffs such as water, bread, rice or any kind of food you want, I recommend you buy it in Woolworths. In my opinion, they have the cheapest price with good quality products. Avoid going to 7 Eleven and other convenience stores because the price there is almost double the price from Woolworths.


Our family like Melbourne so we have decided to live near it when move to Australia by 2017. Hopefully I can get job easily and find a house to live in. We continuously pray that God will provide us the place where we will stay and be a part of the community.

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